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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Choosing a children's Bible

There are many pitfalls and troubles in the world of Bibles for children. The very best guide is Gretchen Wolff Pritchard, author of Offering the Gospel to Children and The Sunday Paper. I recently came across an article she wrote on this very topic, full of specific recommendations.

Choosing a Children's Bible, on GW Pritchard's blog Light and Peace.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lent 2007

I don't feel quite ready for this Lent! My life feels cluttered, in activities as well as surroundings. I found a Lenten discipline that fits very well, though: simplify. I am tackling the household clutter this Lent with an aim of simplicity. As I clear off and put away the excess around my home, I choose to leave tabletops clear. To have a simple catchall basket on the bare entry table under a plain grapevine wreath. To allow well-swept floors and clear countertops to be the undergirding to our days. To choose less throughout Lent. The joyous Easter celebration will creep closer as we spy the early spring flowers and the trees start to green, but within our home we will prepare. And be ready. And wait.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Look ahead to All Saints Day

Now is the time to pick up a couple of wonderful books about saints to add to your basket of children's books for All Saints Day. Maybe something about Saint Francis, or Saint Catherine of Siena, or Martin Luther, or a beloved relative like one of yours who has died?

If Halloween has a place in your family life, then while you're making or buying costumes and candy, think of adding a related book to your bookshelf as well. Maybe something about the Days of the Dead? Interestingly, this year's Halloween display signs at a Target store in my town look very much like the cut-paper decorations traditionally made in Mexico for the Days of the Dead.

Check out Faith at Home's All Saints Day and Halloween section for lots of ideas.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Continual Feast: A cookbook to celebrate...

I love this cookbook! A wonderful compilation of food and home traditions that connect us to the church year, with lots of hard-to-find recipes. The book itself is hard to find in bookstores, but Amazon has it, and it's 35 percent off list price right now. I heartily recommend A Continual Feast: A Cookbook to Celebrate the Joys of Family and Faith Throughout the Christian Year!

Hot cross buns and pretzels

Interested in making a special food for Lent or Holy Week, maybe with your kids? Hot cross buns are a Good Friday tradition in England, and they're pretty easy for a yeast-raised bun. Or, maybe easy pretzels pique your interest; their Lenten connection is an old one.

We have recipes! Hot cross buns recipe and pretzel recipe at Faith at Home. Print, prep, get baking, and enjoy.